12 March 2013

and until the day we get to paris, i'll be making videos of our eiffel tower photo in the bathroom

p.s. we just started rosetta stone french. 

p.p.s. i made this video on my iphone with the 8mm video camera app


  1. That is so great! Good luck with the French! It's not as hard as people say!

  2. @kit: oh, thank you! luckily my knowledge of latin really helps with picking up many other languages. i can actually read a lot of french already…we're just hoping to get a decent grasp on conversational bits. : )

    p.s. anybody reading this…any pointers would be great!

  3. Hi, Bridget!

    I'm a native of the PNW who will be moving to Denver for grad school this fall, and was directed to your awesome blog by a friend.

    I'm a big-time francophile and have been living in France since October 2012. Paris is *amazing*, but I would highly recommend checking out at least one other large-ish city to get a more authentic feel for the French lifestyle/culture. Paris is to the French like NYC is to Americans; huge, crazy busy, beautiful, expensive, touristy, and people can sometimes be rude. If you at least try speaking French, though, most people in Paris are very appreciative and receptive. As for other cities, I suggest visiting Bordeaux!! It is super romantic and there is so much delicious wine and fun stuff to see, and it's generally awesome. :)

    Bon courage, and have fun!