17 March 2013

hello, snow. we meet again.

i'm going to employ a cliche: the only predictable thing about denver weather is that it's unpredictable. i will feel, deep in my marrow, that it's turned to spring -- coats and scarves and mittens pulled out to start boxing away -- when a snowstorm whips around the corner, blanketing my street in a dry, cottony powder. 

i don't mind one bit. it keeps me at the windowsill, looking out, wondering what will happen next. also, i find a randomly snowy morning makes for a great excuse to go get mcdonald's breakfast…which we definitely did after taking these photos last weekend. 


  1. it´s the same here in Sweden..in one day we see all the four seasons :(

  2. I LOVE your coat! Such a cute colour!!

  3. we have weird weather in socal, its sunny one day, then foggy and raining another =/ i wish we had snow :(
    deana, from birdandoxfords

  4. Love reading your blog! Another cute picture of you!

  5. you really can't ever go wrong with red hunter wellies!

    xo the egg out west.