24 March 2013

hold hands with your honey & walk backwards through the city while it's snowing. get laughed at. repeat.

yesterday was a very grand snow day if i say so myself. 
it was bitter outside & i vowed to not leave the apartment.
but then robbie needed printer paper, & office depot's next to tattered cover…
and tattered cover has the best pumpkin pie lattes. 
so i went along for the ride. and yes, we drove the 12 blocks.
which sounds pathetic, but was totally worth it. 
plus, robbie hurt his knee on our last run. so we felt justified.
once we parked, we walked backwards to our destination to avoid the wind. 
lots of people laughed at us holding hands & scooting backward down the street. 
which only made it better. 
so: he got his paper, i got my latte. life was good. 
and we also also got a draft print made up of an old photo of my grammy ruth. 
which was kind of a big deal because:
i've tried office depot multiple times (same photo), but they never turned out. 
but two blocks away, fedex office knew what was up.
they did me proud. thanks, fedex office! 
 so the good life got even grander. 
i skipped back to the car, kicking up snow & saying "this day couldn't get better!"
but it did because then i spent the afternoon baking banana bread…
and maybe reading some hemingway…
and maybe watching a couple episodes of pretty little liars. 
and i'll never apologize for watching pretty little liars. ever. 

p.s. photos are from my iphone, edited with VSCO cam. 


  1. I've said this 8,000 times and I will definitely say it again. YOUR PICTURES ARE AMAZING. Why?! What filter or..whatever do you use? SOmething...is just amazing about them. haha! I just love you. Biggest fan right herr.

  2. @amanda: you crack me up. these are iphone photos, edited with VSCO cam.

  3. Snow days can be so much fun sometimes! but I'm quite ready for the warm sunny weather :)

  4. Oh I just always love your pictures sooo much! They are so dreamy.

  5. Snow, bikes, Hunter wellies... damn I love your pictures!

  6. I'm in love with draft prints! They're so great...and yours looks amazing!

  7. Those prints are lovely. You write so well. I love your days.

  8. Hm - what exactly did you do to get that print? What was the process?

  9. This holding hands and walking backwards through a snowstorm thing is exactly why I love your blog. Amen, the end.

  10. LOVE these snowy photos, so sweet!

  11. Pretty Little Liars. I will never apologize either. Love.

  12. Snow in March? I need spring here ASAP!!
    Cute blog :) I'm your newest follower

  13. wow that sounds like a great day! walking backwards, that's such a great idea i've never thought of that haha. enjoy the remains of your snow day!


  14. Wow,that is a lot of snow! And we were so impressed with the three inches of snow that we had last Friday. And I love the picture of your Grammy Ruth; I am so glad FedEx could do it.

  15. @janice: thank you! we will be hitting you up for some family photos as well. : ) robert has a particular few in mind.

  16. So jealous of all that snow! That print is fantastic. Really, Fedex is where its at.

  17. your days always sound the most exciting, even if they're the simplest of days. xx

    The Little's.

  18. Just let me know which family photos so I can start looking for them:} Also, you have inspired me with your photo of your Grammy Ruth; I have an old partially torn pic of my Mom when she was three and had a cast on her arm. Off to FedEx as soon as I find that pic again.

  19. that photo of your grammy ruth is amazing. also, i want a relationship like you and robbie have. your posts seriously make my heart happy.

  20. @janice: that's so great! i can't wait to see how it turns out! : ) i'll ask robert what photos he had in mind & let you know.