19 March 2013

just because i felt like writing / a prose poemish kind of thing

do you prefer morning? 
do you lose time tuning in -- or out -- the train?
do you cradle in the croon of city sound, or snub its omnidirectional hum like the murmur of a dog chasing zzz's? 
do you find yourself slouching, then quickly crank your spine in -- a puppet string pulled taut? do you catch me when i do?
do you know the geography of your heart? to what landmass does its parts amass? mine's a valley pulling everything in, in, in
do you smile at children? at dogs? at old couples? -- his hand rests on her neck nape like a naval ship, bobbing, docked, at last. 


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  2. Beautiful <3



  3. Lovely poem! have a great day :)

  4. Super lovely :) Prose written in second person has always been my favorite. It sounds so poignant.

  5. Agh your writing is beautiful, I absolutely love this.


  6. Finally getting back to your comment... (oops!) but this is what I mean! Beautiful writing. I really mean it!

    Anyway, as far as the Undergraduate program goes it's pretty basic, and the electives in the English program are by far the most rewarding. I took a class over winter break that was called "Writing Selves: From the Diary to the Internet Era" which was awesome because we read Anne Frank's diary and then watched the documentary Catfish.

    As for the graduate program, I'm only going off of things I've heard my recitation teachers say (who are the graduate students), which is that it's difficult but rewarding. I've also heard that we have the best faculty for the graduate program (even better than Columbia, some say) so I'd definitely recommend looking into that part of it.

    Not sure if it will, but I hope that helps :)

  7. lovely, lovely, bridget! those last four lines are perfection. you've inspired me to write today.