02 March 2013

lauren's place

i took only a few photographs in lauren's place when we stopped by the other day. but i had to put them on this little internet scrapbook of ours. 

have i mentioned before that i'm fascinated with the spaces people occupy? i'm obsessed with other peoples' stuff -- their collections of things and their closets and their dishes and how they arrange all of it. and how they interact with it too -- where they sit on the couch, the way they turn the lamp, where books get set down. 

i don't usually share the details of my photography bucket list…but i have one that's way, way up there that i'll share. it's been on my list for like 5 years & i just haven't gotten to it yet. i've always wanted to spend a whole day with a couple, in their home & maybe running some errands -- from dawn to dusk -- and document the whole thing. making their morning pancakes, washing the dishes, taking the dog out…all of it. i imagine it being with a couple that's co-habitated for awhile, in a home that's gotten messy and lived-in and loved. a complete intersection of my love of couples and my love of home. i've got a soft, romantic spot for voyeurism that i just can't kick.


  1. Oh! That has to be one of the best ideas I've heard of in awhile!

    I hope one day you can do that!
    It is truly a beautiful photography idea.
    I'm not just saying that.

  2. lovely! especially the one of lauren with the flowers/light. i think that's a really neat photography project idea, you should totally do it :)


  3. What a lovely idea. As a lady that also photographs weddings, it would be so interesting and imitate to see the interactions between the couple amidst the every day, and to see them in their home, arranged just as they please...it's a lovely thought. The way we begin and end our days is so important.

    Novel idea. I love it!

  4. Love her succulent vase! Never thought to put it in something that tall!

  5. I love the wall of photos, have always wanted to do something like this. Looks great! xx



  6. other people spaces always fascinate me too! i think the idea of photoing a couples day would be beautiful, you should do it and post them please :)

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN
    stop by the shop MOCCASIN RUN

  7. gorgeous photos! I'm the same, I love to see how people arrange all their little knick-knacks!

    Hannah xx

  8. you make my house look good!! also, let's talk about that one crooked frame in the bottom middle of the photo of my wall. i love that it's crooked. and girl, you know you can tag along with j and i any day. we'd even make you breakfast!

  9. man, I love the feeling of this space!

  10. i love this so much. i'll tell you what, when i get married(in the far future probably but you never know!), you can come here and i'll let you spend a day with me and my man and take as many photos as you like!

  11. Her place is adorable. Love the collage of things on the wall!