09 March 2013

take that weird stuff, and dance, dance, dance it out

5 confessions: 

1. one summer, my friend & i watched every episode of the simple life starring nicole richie & paris hilton. i'm never going to apologize for that because that show was freaking hysterical. 
2. i pronounce "almond" & "button" really weirdly. 
3. i have a notebook in which i jot down notes for our future kids. they won't be around for a few years, but i'm constantly learning & seeing things i want them to know about. i know it's a little weird…but i like to think the value outweighs the weirdness. 
4. i own more clothes from gap kids than gap. and i usually think the clothes at gap kids are cuter. and i know that's probably really disturbing for some of you. 
5. i know we all loved the o.c….but i was obsessed. i can still tell you which song played on which episode…the titles of each of the episodes…the shockingly incestual family tree is committed to my memory still. ask me anything. 


  1. What a thought, GAP kids. I love GAP but wear their tiniest sizes, and even those sometimes fit large. I'll have to check the kids side - plus, kids clothing is always more affordable!

  2. I wouldn't apologize for watching simple life either, it was hilarious!

    The Introverted Brunette

  3. you are the best.
    and love your little dance :)


  4. haha I used to LOVE watching The Simple life. Nicole Richie is freaking hilarious. And I LOVE the O.C. as well.

    cute post.

  5. I love children's clothes way more than I like women's clothes sometimes, and I would totally shop in the kid's section if I could! I definitely own a couple of things from Target's younger sections, but usually I am just too big for them. Love your outfit in that gif!


  6. So, so pretty!!


  7. Definitely want to hear you saying button & almond. Vine?! :)

  8. I love that you shop at Kids Gap. I LOVE looking at girl's dresses as Target and such!

  9. You are the cutest thing. And the kids section is always cuter!

  10. Nice dance, you should ask Lisa about her kitchen dance!

  11. haha i love this post!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  12. i loved the simple life! i actually was just recently looking up that show on amazon to see how much the dvds cost haha. i love the idea of a notebook full of little notes to your future children. how sweet!