01 March 2013

the girl with the flowers / love, like

photo of lo

& some thoughts on things i love

love, like writing in cursive slowly
love, like the whoosh of shower curtain rings whipped back
love, like afternoon rain 
love, like the pop right before espresso streams out
love, like birthday candles in a dark room 
love, like knee socks 
love, like city noise 
love, like kicking heels off on hardwood 
love, like the subtle sound of snowfall 
love, like watching tap dancers 
love, like gulls sitting in the foamy wake of a ferry 
love, like the smell of wood being cut 
love, like a wide-lipped smile 
love, like the sliver of silence between a secret & sharing it for the first time


  1. I love this post. It conjured up so many beautiful images in my mind.

  2. you should write more, bridget, your words say so much. the last line is my favourite.

  3. It always interests me to see what other people love. And that people are not so different in love, after all.

    Breakfast After 10

  4. You have such a lovely voice in every type of writing that you do, please never stop writing!