10 March 2013

we want vinyl

when lo kindly handed off her brick-red, portable crosley record player to us last week (thank you, lo!), i got pretty excited to bust out some old vinyls that've been gathering dust. and also to pick up some new ones…i may have ordered one or two of these ^^^ along with a replacement needle. 

beirut: postcards from italy was our first dance & scenic world our processional.
regina: robbie invariably turns on regina when we clean the apartment. 
bon iver: reminds us of the long move from to denver two summers ago.
elvis: we're on a kick we can't kick. 
she & him: not til may…but in the mean time


  1. Volume Three? How did I not know it was coming ? Hooray!

    Also, Beirut? BEYOND lovely. :)

  2. I bought "what we saw from the cheap seats" on vinyl and I love it oh so much. Such a good album, omg. And of course, beirut makes my heart happy.

  3. my roommate and I are toying around with the idea of getting a record player. We can't help but think that it would be cute in place of a tv in our new apartment, plus oh the possibilities with records!

  4. don't tell but i have a hunch i might be getting a record player for my birthday. just a maybe. and if not, maybe hopefully maybe in the near future. enjoy your vinyls :)

  5. oooh I do love vinyl! Soo many on my wish list... and we have a beautiful shop by us that is all too tempting ---> http://www.pieandvinyl.co.uk/

  6. Vinyl is so cool. I don't have a record player, or a vinyl record, but it still is very cool.
    Love all your choices as well!
    And that's great how music reminds you of times you've had :)

  7. Best date ever = going to a used record store and flipping through the dollar bins for an hour or two! It's a treasure hunt. Me and my husband loved nothing more than doing that in our college days : )

  8. oooh regina spektor! I love her!

  9. i'm so so happy that little guy was able to find a home with you. i just know how much love he'll receive! cannot wait to learn what you spin first!!

  10. Love vinyl! One of the antique stores near here has TONS of records and they are so well priced. I'll tell you if I come across any good ones :)

  11. I can't believe those Beirut songs were in your wedding.... That makes me so happy.
    Two most favorite songs ever.
    I want them in my wedding as well one day.
    So much love. <3