08 March 2013

weekly walk with lo

lo & i have made our weekly walks into something of a tradition. 

ok, so this is the second one we went on, but i think it's gonna stick. it's nice to go on a long, aimless walk & just listen to someone, to get everything off your chest too. oh, and finding neat signs & dancing in alleys is a bonus too. it may also turn into an exercise of me, eventually, getting a photograph of every photo-worthy building in this city. 

have the most wonderful day!


  1. :) i took a pic of that same alley on 16th st. in 2005 or 2006
    i've been having fun following your blog. i used to live in a house on the corner of irvington and acoma in the baker neighborhood, and your photos from broadway make me miss my denver days.

  2. @emma: oh, thanks for sharing that photo. i love the light & shadows in your shot -- it's beautiful.

  3. awesome photos and awesome flats ;)


  4. great shots, some of the buildings are so beautiful! Happy weekend

  5. Gah I love this! Ryan and I are making it our aim to take one aimless walk a weekend to explore this new city of ours. Adventures are more fun in pairs.