18 April 2013

and then there were the super high-quality iphone photos from the hospital

oh, hey there! 
i know you're dying for some quality iphone photos from the hospital.
lucky for you, i aim to please: 

robbie's mom flew in from seattle for the last few days. so sweet of her. and last night she watched the pups so robbie & i could have a little sleepover! we watched reruns of the office & sipped dazbog hot chocolate -- what else. this was, of course, after robbie sent me to find a movie -- in his words, "anything with tom hanks." 

she also made us these cozy paw print blankies. thanks, mom!

& the view from her penthouse hotel room in downtown denver. would you look at all that red brick? you're lookin' mighty fine, denver. 

so, it's grainy…but who cares. here's all of us in a photo together! thanks, timer cam, you're a gem. ; ) 

it's been snowing like mad in denver since the first night we brought robbie in. which has made the drives between downtown & aurora a real treat. we took these from the solarium -- a little window-surrounded room on the 9th floor. the flurries kept getting caught in little spirals & from where we sat, it looked like the snow was floating upward. 

it was in this room, while we were waiting for robbie's room to be cleared out, that we first heard about boston. we've been sending up prayers, and sending peaceful thoughts your way, beautiful city. 

 the view from the room at midnight. 

and a little morning cheers'ing.

p.s. saturday night is date night. don't ya dare think we're going to skip it cause some bunny's in the hospital. maybe a little fine wine-ing and dining (minus the wine), a trip to the gift shop for a balloon or two…perusing the paintings on the first floor…a lil' basic cable. do you think the nursing staff would be *completely* opposed to blowing up one of those latex gloves into a balloon hand? i don't know. i'm open to whatever. 

p.p.s. a woman in the elevator confused me with an ER nurse she met last night. which means i have a doppleganger somewhere in this hospital…i have to find her…i mean, right? if someone lets you in on the fact that you have a twin, it seems at the height of selfishness to not find that person & introduce yourself as a long-lost sibling. (and, an aside to this aside: finding her would be doubly awesome since i never had a sister, and always wanted one.)


  1. that picture at midnight is stunning! so wonderful of his mom to come in. sending you guys good thoughts and well wishes, xoxo

  2. Wow. These pictures look great. I really need to upgrade my cell phone. It takes such grainy photos. Boo.

  3. @charlene: haha -- it's amazing what cell phones can do these days. and no worries, i had a cracked hot pink razr phone until, like, june 2011.

  4. Yay for iPhone photos and yay for dopplegangers! I am loving that view, Denver looks good. I just started following your blog, I'm loving it :)

  5. i love you guys! these pictures are great :)

  6. Hahaha my iphone pictures do not look close to as good as these. Are there any specific apps that you like to use?

  7. Bridget, I had no idea about your husband you two are in my thoughts and prayers positive thoughts are shot towards your way. I love that you take pictures and keep everyone informed.

    It makes me so happy that you find fun in things like this, you have excuses not to but you still do and people like you are people who inspire me.

    You're a beautiful person darlin'


  8. cute blog <333

    xxx Zari

  9. So sweet that you guys will still be having your date night. That is love. :-)
    also, I still think "grainy iphone photos" are better than my dusty-looking windows phone photos. :-)

  10. i could do with a hot chocolate right now.

    and love that you keep date night--you have inspired me to try and do a few more :)