28 April 2013

dare: write a poem (or a poemish thing) in 30 seconds. don't edit it. share it with someone.

& she said to him: 
i want to go where the flowers are wild 
and where the grass wisps --
have you heard a summer lawn whistle & hiss?
it's not just the crickets:
it's wood that dampens and dries and then cracks.
it's our toes in the dirt, wrinkling & falling lax. 
it's your palm -- how it burns in mine. 
do you feel it?
it's being a child, born in the summertime. 


  1. oh, man.
    i am in love with this.
    your poem is lovely!
    i recently had to write a poem on-the-spot
    while teaching my 2nd graders rhyming poetry.
    it was about my cat, lucy.


  2. wow. this is so beautiful. you have a way with words bridget, that's for sure.


  3. This is such a beautiful poem. It's so ripe with images.

  4. i love this.
    beautiful images.
    i want to come and be your best friend.
    move to SF will ya?