03 April 2013

my future home: coca cola dreamboat

ok so today could have been better. 
way, way, way better. 

but you know what IS awesome?
this coca cola truck we spotted while driving the other day. 
i want to live inside of it. it is my future home. 
and i will drink all of the coke. 

…but seriously could someone bring me some coke right now?
and also pizza. 
like, a lot of pizza. 


  1. oh my goodness. that is a great truck.
    my husband is an avid coke drinking, along with my mom and brother.
    you guys would get along, i prefer water. haha.
    and pizza, come and eat the left overs that i made for dinner!


  2. Three cheers for better days, and awesome trucks (think they can make me one in dr pepper?), and pizza.

  3. I love this little part of town you are in!

  4. @kirsten: ha! i guess if i could only drink water or coke again, i'd choose water. but it'd be a tough call.