22 April 2013

remember to forget

sometimes we forget to remember: how very small is the fraction of what we see. what if, instead, we might remember to forget -- forget our circumstances, our narrow scope? what little bits do we miss -- of ourselves, of the paths we walk, of the strangers we pass, or even of our lovers, whose palms, and breaths, and sighs we memorize?

i was reading c.s. lewis yesterday, and this one struck a chord:
 there are no ordinary people. you have never talked to a mere mortal. nations, cultures, arts, civilizations -- these are mortal…but it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, exploit -- immortal horrors and everlasting splendours.

looking out for our own skins is easy enough. is this something my eternal self would smile upon? but in how i judge others? i try very hard. but i fall short every day. i need to remind myself: this person, too, has great eternal worth. and of eternity, i know so very, very little. but of eternity, i do know this: it compels me to love. to love this body i've been given. to love my triumphs, and mistakes. to love the one i'm with. to love my friends, but to realize i see them only in fragments. how slow our tempers, how fast to forgive we might be -- if only we looked so much further ahead. 


  1. Lovely pictures and very inspirational post. :)

  2. love this post bridget, beautifully written. it's true, we all often forget to step back and put thing in perspective. i struggle so much with patience, but trying to view others in the light of eternity is a great way to work to overcome this. thank you for sharing :)


  3. "Is this something my eternal self would smile upon?" Perspective... we need eternal, heavenly perspective. So often ours are far too small + inward focused. I know for sure mine is. Thanks for this, lovely.

  4. you are so right.
    i definitely need to be better about this.
    you look gorgeous.
    i love these pictures.


  5. such lovely words and photographs xxx


  6. I always love to read what you have to say. You're so insightful and I know that when I hop on over to your blog, I'll find something that'll inspire me. So thank you! For your words today and practically everyday.
    Tessa Lynn

  7. love everything about this. those pictures are perfect.

  8. Lovely post dear, so much inspiration in all that you had to say!

  9. very beautiful shots - you look really sweet in red shorts!

    P.S. it'l be awesome of you'd take a minute to check out my Fashion Week post!

  10. Finally took a gander at your blog link in yr profile on Instagram! I love your photos. I actually have family that lives in Colorado and Wyoming and I love it out there! If I ever go back, we must meet!


  11. love the cs lewis quote and what you wrote... a great reminder about priorities!!! people are the most important thing-- not programs, budgets, tasks..