04 April 2013

the happiest wall in the world

 over the past few months, i've been slowly building this: 
an instagram wall. 
i ordered the prints right from my phone using the kicksend app
and then i taped 'em to the wall. 
piece o' cake, you guys! 

isn't it so happy? 
i love adding photos to it, a few at a time. 
and robbie loves when i bring home a new batch of photos.  
someday we'll have a whole wall of photos a la crafting genius elsie

{ p.s. i swear there are photos of robbie and bernie too. i didn't photograph a very representational part of zee wall...schwoops! }


  1. Considering you have one of the very best instagram feeds, this wall is definitely one of the best. Soo pretty!

  2. wow this looks so lovely! Such a great idea :)

    Charlotte x

  3. oh my gosh I'm obsessed with this. I'm doing it once we have our own house!

  4. This is incredible! So cosy and homey! :)

    Ngaio xx