05 April 2013

things to do while wearing red shorts

10 things to do while wearing red shorts: 

also wear a striped shirt & speak in a fake french accent. 
ride your bike somewhere new. 
put on tights, and a cape, and make a new superhero identity.  
go explore nature. keep leaves & things in the pockets.
go to a cafe very early & write a letter to your pen pal.
be brave. do something you're afraid to do, because red shorts are confidence shorts. 
put a red bandana on your dog & go on an extra long walk in your matchy outfits. 
compliment a stranger. 
take yourself on a date. buy yourself flowers. 
go on a picnic with your husband, best friend, or favorite book, or camera.


  1. fun outfit!

    I love this list, too. It makes me want to be adventurous.

  2. So true! I have a pair of red pants and I always feel extra adventurous when I wear them :)

  3. So cute! Now only if I had a pair of red shorts. It may be time for some shopping.

  4. red anything makes me see red, so i tend to stay away from the colour. funny how certain things can affect our mood. but i totally get how red shorts are brave shorts, made for adventure.

  5. love red shorts! i just got a pair for myself as well :) and those ideas sound wonderful, especially the picnic. i love picnics so much. it's rainy here in florida today so that's out of the question--but i hope you enjoy your friday!


  6. I love wearing red and black and white stripes at the same time! Especially with some red lipstick!

  7. What a great list. I think I'll have to go do several of these today!

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  8. Haha this is so cute. I really miss having a bike! Red shorts and a bike... why does that sound so amazing right now!? :)

  9. Red shorts sound so badass, I wonder if I could just throw some paint on mine. I'm going to buy myself flowers next time I'm wearing any sort of shorts, though.


  10. @isa: good girl! you deserve flowers.

  11. you are my favorite human being ever. t

  12. Cute cute cute... now if only this snow would shift... I could get down with some short wearing right about now! x

  13. @elle: girlfriend, i hear ya. the weather is finally starting to look up in denver, and i'm crossing my fingers (and praying, desperately) that it sticks.

  14. @katie: you are the sweetest ever.

  15. Love this!
    I only have red trousers, but most of these still apply :)