29 May 2013

an afternoon in golden

on friday, the mister & i had a quick afternoon romp in golden, co. 
we grabbed coffee, happy hour nachos, and then spent most of our time meandering through the neighborhoods picking out which houses we liked best. which of course led us to chatting the whole livelong day about our dream house. oh…also, at one point we sort of realized that we both have a habit of stretching our necks really long and going up on our tippy toes when walking by backyard fences so we can catch a glimpse. ok, and occasionally doing a little hop when the ballerina toes and neck-craning weren't enough. we're kind of snoopy, i guess. but come on! just let me see your backyard garden & bbq! i mean…your lives are so mysterious & magical to us yardless city folk. 


  1. Come teach me your amazing and whimsical photography ways.

  2. hahaha i love that you admitted this! where we live now, everyone has lush, private backyards. this HUGE home was having a party, so i stepped up on the cement ledge of the iron fence to peek through the bushes....then looked over and realized they had security cameras in the cement pillars! so embarrassing! ;)


  3. looks like a perfect afternoon.
    gorgeous photos.


  4. I think you were the sole reason overalls were invented. You look so cute in them!

  5. Robbie is soooo adorable. More posts with him! I would also like to see more on his cystic fibrosis, if that is not sensitive to discuss about. Sorry, English is not my first language.

  6. I want to find some overalls so bad! I tried some on today but I wasn't in love with them so I didn't get them. It is also a little difficult to stumble upon them where I am from!
    You look so cute in them!
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