30 May 2013

construction zone!

hi, beautiful friends! for awhile now (ahem -- a year) i've been looking at my blog thinking, that's a weird color and that needs to be here and ugh, why is that spaced so weird and most of all: these photos are too small

so! this weekend i'll be learning more html and moving stuff around and fixing things and hopefully getting this place closer to what i want it to be. so if you happen upon this ol' blog the next few days and ask yourself: what on earth was she thinking? just put your hard hats & sunglasses on, trudge through the mess with me, and i promise things'll be shinier & spiffier soon. 


  1. I just made over my blog, it's definitely a little daunting but so great when it's done and you feel like it reflects you.
    I'm no expect but have done a bunch of HTML coding, if you get stuck on something feel free to email me :) I've counted on the help of other blog designers many times so it's a pay it forward moment :)

  2. @brooke: oh my goodness, thank you so much! i can almost guarantee i'll be shooting an email. ; )

  3. Oooh, good luck! I've been in this construction zone for a while now. If you come upon any great advice or tips, please share!!

  4. Yay! Excited to see what you come up with :)
    -Deana, Birds&Oxfords

  5. i've been reading your blog for a month or more now and its high time that i say hello and let you know that i really do adore it. can't wait to see what sort of loveliness you have in store!
    xo, Lo.

  6. I am so glad I finished that!!
    For now.. haha
    Good luck with your reconstruction :)
    Hope you are not lifting heavy words :P

    Thia @ Struck in Style

  7. YAY! So excited to see the finished product!!!

  8. if you need help or have questions, feel free to email me. :)

  9. im wanting a good revamp, but it does take time.
    im excited to see that you do!

  10. Seriously having my friend erin be my partner on my blog has been one of the better decisions of my life! Not only are we best friends who inspire each other a lot and she takes beautiful pictures, she is also amazing at html! It was such a blessing when putting our blog together.
    Good luck to you!
    Leah Faye
    Create a website

  11. i wish i knew html but i know zero. my lovely friend ruthanne designed my blog layout for me and i never bothered to learn anything ha!