01 May 2013

in the alley, where a tree grows from the wall

more than anything, i always want to feel things. to remain moveable, affected. for awhile, i thought -- was told -- my overfeeling-ness would get me in the end. i've slowly accepted my sensitive soul is the catalyst to all my joys. my favorite part of driving someplace new is the de-familiarizing: seeing things like seeing them for the first time. i want to bottle up that precious feeling, that way of being, of living, and take it with me for every walk down familiar streets, for every instance of waking. 

in this alley -- a new one i'd never wandered down -- a tree grows from the wall. what glory in its branches; it filled me up with a light that tickled my chest. 


  1. That is absolutely beautiful. It's amazing when you discover somewhere unexpected that makes you feel something so powerful.

  2. lovely post, Bridget. I agree, it's better to be overly sensitive and remain moveable - that way you appreciate everything around you!

    hannah xx

  3. beautifully written my friend.

  4. these last three posts are lovely... photo duets and prose poems

  5. You said that so perfectly and I couldn't a free more! I love the feeling of newness! I've always welcomed change in my life and didn't mind a move or something different than the norm because of the new opporuntitys and the things and new people to meet.
    tessa lynn

  6. sensitive souls unite. to be able to feel everything so deeply is actually a gift. at least i think so. your words are like poetry, bridget. never stop writing them.