12 May 2013

old, happy snaps of my momma & me

in california? virginia? sometime in the 90s. 
being sassy in polka dots & a plastic hairclip. 

california. sometimes you fall in the water. 
& if you're lucky, she's there to help. 

virginia. at a favorite park. 
…mom, do you still have that blouse? 
seriously, do you?


  1. These are the best! I love seeing the old photos. Wish I had some of MY mama!

  2. I love these photos. You look a lot like your mom!

  3. Bridget, you've touched my heart with these old photos. Thank you, sweet girl. (Sorry, I no longer have the white Laura Ashley blouse).

  4. You and your mother are exact twins! Too beautiful ladies.

    P.S. This comment above me is the cutest <3

  5. I enjoyed looking at these pictures so much, two beautiful ladies.