10 May 2013

simply because these sweet blooms make me glad

do not tire of the things that make you happy. look to them, again, and again. 
never stop making them new in your orbits. 

i can't get enough of this spring's little blooms. when you live downtown & you see them pop up on the little green patches, your heart kind of skips a beat. you want to take them all with you, but you can't, so you take snaps of them instead. & that's good too. 


  1. such pretty pictures! i'm so in love with spring. i want to bottle it up and keep it forever. maybe save little bits and pieces for those cold and gloomy winter days that never seem to end.

    i definitely snipped some of those beautiful pink blooms from the apple tree across the street from our house. i couldn't stand it any longer and needed to get some fresh springtime in my house.

  2. These are beautiful. Where i live were just entering a bitter winter but the thought of spring just after it is enough to keep me going!
    x Eloise - Jazzlipsandtulips

  3. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!