13 May 2013

snaps of the day + those floating thought things

today my hair was wild the way it wanted it to be. 
and not the kind of wild i tried to make it: the in-between wild, the almost wild.
today i was grateful for a phone that takes photos, 
for a husband that grabs that phone and asks to take a photo of me, too. 
today i held flowers in my hand, held them to the sky to see them differently. 
and i know i need to do that more.
today i stubbed my toes, 
they ached as i cradled them with ice on the bed. 

the world is full of beautiful things that grow, push through the dirt. 

i hope your days were full of small discoveries. 
which is just what i want, for all of us, every day. 


  1. This may be silly but when you said that "your hair was wild the way it wanted to be" man, that hit me! how much time do I spend forcing my hair to be one way or another.. I need to let it just be sometimes.. definitely need to work on that.

  2. That first sentence is just perfect, I think all of us have those days! These photos are beautiful xo