26 May 2013


right now, there are two dogs snoring on the couches next to me. i keep giggling to myself watching their fuzzy bellies sink and rise. robbie is working at the hospital & i'm about to sneak away to a crema a few blocks down, to buy some bulk espresso. we've been forgetting to pick it up for weeks, and this place doesn't smell the same without those roasted, freshly ground coffee beans. they just popped into my head, and the sky is deliciously blue, so in the name of home, it's time to fix that. an hour from now, i think this place, finally, will smell right again. 


  1. mmm you're making me crave coffee! The boots are delicious too!

    Hannah xx

  2. there's nothing like the smell of coffee. even when i was younger i remember loving the smell of coffee and not being able to understand how something that smelled that good, could taste that bad. now i love both smell + taste. :)

  3. I love the smell of fresh ground coffee! Certainly makes our house smell like home. Have a great week friend.

  4. im a sucker for brick walls =) love the pictures!
    -Deana, from BIrds&Oxfords