06 May 2013

that time a surprise scarf came in the mail, just in time for a may snowstorm

surprise snowstorms in may aren't so bad when a surprise scarf comes in the mail for you the same day, too. i am eternally amazed & grateful for the simple kindness of people. people who call to check in at the slightest sign of trouble. people who send care packages. people who smile. people who offer a word of positivity. people who are good, and not afraid to be just that. 

p.s. thank you to the sweet bennett ladies who sent me this scarf. : ) 


  1. You look so hott! I love that scarf on you, and it works perfectly with your floral skirt and leather jacket.

  2. um this is perfect. the epitome of a spring snowstorm outfit!

  3. Awwwww what a happy post. That was nice of them to send you that pretty pretty scarf!

  4. You look beautiful! That was so thoughtful of the Bennett women:)

  5. Gorgeous scarf and photos.

    Snow in May, boo.

  6. Yay!You got it! I originally sent the package to an old address without even realizing it but my daughter Kylie knew that you had moved (stalker you know!) So...I had to have the package intercepted and be given a new address. I didn't know if you would ever receive the package. So Yay! UPS!!! btw; went to my friend who owns Cranberry Cottage (which is a shop you adored at Country Village when you were home for the holidays)and she went digging through her stuff that wasn't even out and brought out this beauty of a scarf after we described your awesomeness! We LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!

  7. God did such a beautiful job when he made you. :)