22 May 2013

the potato on the sidewalk & a drowsy-told compendium of today's other happenings

this is how the day began: lo & i met for coffee downtown at the tattered cover. i complimented her hair -- it's a new color. i said things like, "it makes you look so tan! your eyes -- they pop!" and then we sat in the sun, and joked about how when you ask strangers to take iphone photos for you how they're always so crooked and so awkward and so weirdly-lit. so, on the sake of principle, we had a stranger take our photo. she used flash? she mumbled a lot. it was so much better than we even anticipated. then we walked around, and smack dab in the middle of a hot, city sidewalk, we found a potato. we've been laughing and texting about it…all. day. long. what does it mean?! 

 & lo gave me this vintage skirt (and another!) that you'll have to personally rip from my body (as i brandish my merciless fingernails) if you ever want to see me without it. it's bright, and floral, and it's heavy. there's so much fabric, that, i swear, if you take two sides of it, it stretches across the room. it is really good for spinning in & laughing in. especially in narrow hallways where your husband is standing so that he has to say, "yes. it's cute." just one more time, please. 

& then i had a photoshoot in broomfield. which, FYI is 20 minutes away. but since the shoot started smack dab in the middle of rush hour, and i'm a stickler for being on time…or because i'm terrified of being even a minute late...i went, like, two hours early. 

& since i'm actually bananas and there was no traffic and i didn't get lost….means i got there two hours early. so…what else? i had a jam session to fleet foxes in the car. i drank coffee at the starbucks inside a grocery store. always keepin' it classy. and i wandered across the street...

& found this LUSCIOUS rose garden. 

*in the hobby lobby floral aisle.*


  1. I love your way of writing, love it!

  2. LOL maybe someone was grocery shopping and dropped the potato? Either way that's hilarious!

    *hobby lobby* ha!

  3. Sounds like a great day, topped of with a potato! And I have to ask: Those sandals you are wearing in your posts (the glittery ones) where are they from? So pretty!

  4. Love the skirt... and the whole story! :)

  5. you are so darn cute. the potato story made me laugh outloud & i am beyond jealous of your lovely new floral skirt.