07 May 2013

these are pictures & thoughts, from lately.

& good, floating thoughts: 

i mostly can't wait to teach our kids about cameras, words, & music. 
he can't wait to teach them about cars & animals. 
happy i married a man who prefers florals.
today & lately, i love photos dark & grainy.  
flowers, flowers, flowers.
big, pink peonies.  
a green house. 
my big brother's butterfly collection when we were kids. 
& catching fireflies in jars. 
i miss virginia in the springtime. 
i want a house. nooks. wallpaper. stairs to act like a monkey on. 
i want that house to be pink, or brick with a pink door. 
and he agrees.
happy i'm his.  
but if we ever have a garden, i guarantee he'll be the one to keep it up. 
& he wants flowers & succulents for our window -- he told me. 
long, coin-flip drives. 
i don't always like tea, but i like it in the spring. 
i'm craving sunrise, in pajamas, from a porch, with french press in hand. 
canvas totes & trips to the library. 
pounds & pounds of strawberries. 
a two-story treehouse. 
i love this life so much sometimes, i belly laugh for no reason. 


  1. This spring Virginia has either been covered in a lovely yellow green from all the pollen, or it has been raining. So at least this year, you haven't missed all that much.

  2. beautiful pictures, I just love your blog. New follower here!

  3. aw Bridget, your posts always put me in a good mood! Hope you and Robbie are well.

    Hannah xx

  4. lovely - still fawning over that old gatsby book!

  5. Gorgeous.
    I have that same Gatsby book.
    Halfway through it,
    the seventh time through.
    I love your blog.

  6. goodness, that copy of Gatsby you have is beautiful. i read that last year & loved it, & am planning to re-read it this summer.

    love the mood of these photos.

    xo http://glorious-inheritance.blogspot.com/

  7. these book covers are so evocative and beautiful. i haven't read anything by cs lewis in ages, this reminds me to reread...

  8. such cozyb photos! and I love the book covers :)

  9. gosh, lady. i feel like such a fool even commenting on every post because it seems like i say the same thing all the time & that i am just being fake. but i promise you that i am not. your posts are truly all loveliest, most beautiful pieces of art(yes, they are art).