20 June 2013

a hutch, kind of

this is our kind-of hutch. 

it's actually an ikea desk attachment. but, ya know. if the dishes fit! oh, and also there's not coffee in that coffee jar. but there is loose change. we're all about repurposing things here. 

and don't you just love my eerily lifelike piggy bank? i thrifted him in high school. i'm so weird. 


  1. I'm loving the creepy piggy bank! My guy and I have an enormous piggy bank with our school colors and football gear on. I think your piggy is better than ours through X-)
    xo Heather

  2. we have one of these as well and I'm obsessed with it. best purchase from ikea to date

  3. Well, this is just adorable! And I love the look of your place! The exposed brick wall and wood beam celing....so great.

  4. Love the piggy bank! & funny, I have a coffee pot with lose change in too!