15 June 2013

and that's what being young is

we felt, in that moment, that our hands could grab the sun. we'd see the spaces underneath our fingernails fill up fast with gold flakes. so slowly it set, behind the mountain, so slow like sap dripping off those maple trees we climbed, so slow like we felt our youth was -- stretching on, long legs running dirt paths when evening was the darkest it ever got. when we would get on our knees and pray for a thunderstorm. how we would peek to see if it started. why we could smell the rain, rumbling in the distance, but not feel it on our faces. curiosity lived in our raincoat pockets, in the tongues of our boots. adventurers, explorers, never-sit-stillers. our minds didn't move like cars on a road, but tumbleweeds across plains. and that's what being young is. is praying for thunder, is being a tumbleweed, is spinning, not walking. we can live forever because we simply can't not. 


  1. "curiosity lived in our raincoat pockets"
    eeeeeeeeeeeeek i love love love it.


  2. Awww... So lovely.

    xx Have a beautiful weekend.

    Indie by heart

  3. i love this so much! you have a gift with words <3

  4. This might be the most beautiful thing I've ever read.

  5. and that's why i love your blog ♥