16 June 2013

feng shui at midnight

// & photos from my iphone cuz it's a lazy sunday & we're all about that. //

so last night around 9, 9:30…the feng shui bug bit me. and i don't know about the rest of you, but it only bites me late at night. but when it does bite, it releases a venom that kind of takes over your whole body and you have to obey its every command or you'll just lay in bed, restlessly, all night thinking about it. and so when the urge to rearrange strikes, i pretty much just go with it. all or nothin'. plus, there's something romantic about shifting things around in the dim light, with a late night coffee in hand, with records crackling from the corner. 

& so now our living room is in our bedroom and our bedroom is in our living room. but hey…it's a loft, and it has no doors…so…who's counting? we like it. oh, and the pups seem to like it, too. 


  1. I LOVE your photos. It's impressive that they're iPhone photos too!

    I do late-night organizing, I don't know enough about feng shui to do that. But I do like the trippiness of really getting into a task late at night with some chill music on.


  2. I agree with Isa! Your iPhone photos are always great! Teach us your ways! :)

  3. I get that bug all the time! But my hubby is Mr. Asperger's and hates it so much, I usually don't honor the urge. But he's out of town this week.... hmmmm. ;)

  4. awe that sounds like fun, how cool of a space to be able to do that!

  5. ahh I'm so jealous of your loft! It's so perfectly homely :) These look really good quality for the size of them considering they're just from your iphone are the vsco cam?

    Hannah xx