14 June 2013

smoky days

we are still working campfire smoke out of some of our clothes here.
& the other day, ash & dust from the wildfire in the springs came to the city, 
hung over the city, sat on the city, fell on the city, 
in little flecks that got caught in our hair. 


  1. The whole town of Parker smells like fire... Poor Colorado :(

  2. I wish there was a fragrance that smelled like campfire. I'd wear it all the time!

    Jillian - http://epic-thread.blogspot.com

  3. I adore the smell of campfire in hair. It reminds me of so many late nights around a fire with friends and drinks and laughs. Always a lovely smell because of its connotation with friends.

  4. i've had the smell of fire on my hair and clothes every day the past few days. bonfires three nights in a row? i'll take it!

    my heart is so sad for colorado right now & all the loss.