11 June 2013

super 90

shirt: ℅ stylelately // shorts: thrifted // backpack: target

ok, so in 1990, i would have spent most of the year as a one year-old, and then turned two right before the clock clicked over to '91. i may not be the upmost authority on the era, but the phrase the nineties conjures up plenty of fluorescent-hued memories, swelling to the chorus of spice girls in 6-inch strappy heels. i remember when skechers came in one shape & two colors: metallic blue & metallic pink.

& has everyone else noticed the splashes here & there that 90s spoils are making this spring & summer? five-panel caps, crazy prints, denim everything…i might not love it all, but there are some things i can get behind:  

1. florals. floral everything. florals mixed and matched. florals in utter excess.
2. cutoffs. acid-washed or faded or frayed. however you want 'em. 
3. backpacks. because your whole body should be free for exploring. 
4. wild hair. a time-saving bonus for those of us with natural waves. 
5. instant print & analog photography. which should never, ever go out of style.


  1. "You're from the seventies but I'm a Nineties chick" :):)
    I love dressing like I'm from the 90s. I currently have some cut offs on myself with a crop top and thick framed glasses. Sounds about right, eh?
    Leah Faye
    e plus l

  2. Cute look. :) My little sister was born this year.

    Indie by heart

  3. i love everything about this.

  4. I love everything about the 90'S. Love your outfit.

  5. I love your hair. where do you get it dyed in denver?

  6. This is so cute! I absolutely love the modern take on the 90s.

  7. I guess being born a '93 er I am a bit of a 90's baby! I don't know why I never see myself that way. I ADORE your top in this. it looks comfy too1


  8. Haha, yes! I was born in '89, so the 90's was basically the best time of my life. Can we just got back there?


  9. i adore this! ahh the good ol' 90's, i liked them. even if it wasn't born til '92. those were 8 fab years.

  10. that shirt is crazy! love love love