18 July 2013

a little of lane

lane is the sort of woman you might easily envy because she seems to be beautiful no matter what she is doing. her every move is dripping with grace. do you have a friend like that? the way they walk, or speak, or smile…or do any mundane thing (pour juice, check the mail) looks like it belongs in a movie, in some sublime, indelible way. if lane were not a person, but a gait, she would most certainly be a slow-moving dance. in some impossibly idyllic setting. i'm just happy to watch & learn, and take her photo from time to time. 


  1. goodness, i want to be like her.
    and i have a friend like that indeed.


  2. I do have a friend like that and it's just amazing to see her in action. Or doing nothing. She's just... calm. And so calming.

    Your friend looks like someone I would love to have in my life. Beautiful post.

  3. I have a bride like that this year, she just moves with such grace. Her hands, oh her hands; long fingers and everything she touches looks like she is just creating art. I mean, come'on, can I just have an ounce of that grace!

  4. these photos are just lovely, and such kind and beautiful words to say about a friend

  5. man, i wish i was like that...
    love her tank!

  6. i agree with valentina, beautiful words for a beautiful friend :)
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

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