25 July 2013

my girl kelsey

kelsey is my sister. 

ok, liarpants over here -- but i do have a recording of her dad saying i'm an honorary gibson -- which, i'm sure means nothing to most everyone, but i can assure you it's a mighty big deal. an accomplishment, actually. 

anyway, kelsey and i met and fell madly in friend-love when we worked as RA's (yeah, we did) in the same hall. we always requested to do rounds together, and we always wore fake harry potter glasses. we called our residents "cresidents" a la dwight schrute's "my dentist's name is…crentist" incident. we made fake names for ourselves (poppy & almyra) & crooned robert goulet in the hallways. we made vaguely inspirational posters for the hallways. we threw a party with a root beer keg (in the alcohol-free dorm) and all the residents did keg stands with the root beer keg and pretended to be trashed. so that year was pretty ok. 

now, kelsey lives in seattle and i live in denver, and even though it could technically be worse, and we could technically be (much) farther apart, i'd saying living more than a short jaunt away from your best friend is one of the more torturous options for living arrangements.

when i visited this week, i spent exactly three glorious nights at kelsey's. and oh, those three days & three nights! there were morning coffee walks -- with the city all foggy & a-drip. there was croquet & there were backyard work parties. there was wine & it's complicated which is a movie that only 40-year-old + women love, which is probably the exact reason we love that movie. someday kelsey, like merryl streep in that film, is going to own some impossibly chic bakery, and we will reenact the scene in which merryl & steve martin sneak into her santa barbara bakery at an ungodly hour to whip up a batch of chocolate croissants. and it will be better than watching it's complicated because we will get to eat the croissants, and also because we will be living in the same city. better than that, even, cause i'm going to one-up ten-seconds-ago-bridget: we will be neighbors. 


  1. How sweet! Dear friends are a precious gift.

    And, I just have to say, her jacket is amazing! So pretty!

  2. these are gorgeous. i love the red and the blue contrast. and the cloudy sky. beautiful.

  3. sometimes i wonder if our best (read inside joke funniest) stories happen in college. not that that time was better than now or what's to come, just different.

  4. I have a "sister" too, that I also met in collage and who also lives just far enough away that we can't see each other as much as we'd like (which would be every single day). I know these feels all too well.
    Your photos are lovely, that pop of red is delightful!

  5. looks like the bestbestbest. anything with merryl is perfect! such a lovely friendship you two share.

  6. That dress is so cute! I love the open back. I have a friend I refer to as a sister, too. It's so nice to have friends like this. :)

  7. Hold on, say whaaaaaat? I just found your blog while blog hopping all over the place this afternoon, and then I see all your beautiful photos, and I think, "my goodness, she's talented." And then I scroll... and I see your best friend Kelsey, and I notice the beautiful dress she's wearing, but then immediately do a double take because my husband and I work in youth ministry with Ben, Kelsey's brother! (Holy run-on sentence, Batman.) How crazy!

    So now you have a new follower. All your photos are beautiful, and your writing is wonderful!

    Take care,

  8. ahh i want this polka dot coat!!

    Hannah xx

  9. I love this. Kelsey is adorable & red looks fab on her. It's Complicated is actually a very good movie, I like it.

  10. this is so heartwarming you are so lucky to have such a blessed warming friendship :)