12 July 2013

snaps from park city

lest i completely forget to post snaps from our recent trip to park city, UT…again, i ask, where is my crown? they'll call me bridget anne, queen of the tardy folk. which is funny because i'm never, ever late in real life. in real life, i am always 20 minutes early. always. but one cannot possibly be 20 minutes early on a blog post, right? unless someone has already figured out the secret to time travel, in which case, beam me up, scotty. i'm assuming black holes are still the working theory…

ok. wow. anyway. 

here are a handful of random snaps from our time in little ol' park city. we are pretty much ready to pack up our apartment and move there forever. by the way, i could work the time travel thread back into this, but i'll spare you. i have some integrity left. 


  1. These are so beautiful! I can totally understand why you'd wanna pack up and move here

    Little Blue Backpack

  2. love these photos! your snaps are always so colorful and fun! love the graininess of the picture of you at the table :)

  3. Wow, great pictures! I love the effect/filter on your photos and the general feel of your blog. Now following you on blog lovin'. Here's our link too if you're interested: http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/7118895/cattail-down


  4. What a cute looking place! i love all the greenery ahhhhhh.


  5. You are the best at capturing life's little moments. Your trip sounds amazing, and so relaxing.