12 August 2013

fair weather tomboy

i was never good at playing the tomboy. i think when you're raised with a ragtag team of wild brothers (five of 'em), you seek out ways to distinguish yourself from the wolfpack. so i became girly. stereotypically, obnoxiously girly. i should say, however, that i became very deft at climbing trees in a dress with a book in one hand. and, over the years, my predilection toward the feminine has persisted. i mean, i own pants, but very rarely do they see the light of day. robbie made me get pants the other day -- it'll be good change for you. but honestly, regrettably, i have zero talent for pulling off the casual-cool chick look.

but the other day -- owing almost entirely to the grunge-topia of a free people catalog that landed on my doorstep (and, by the way: they delivered doubles! i love when they deliver doubles! 'twas a sign, methinks…), i tried my hand, once again, at being slightly undone. dressing the part, and the part was adventure. adventure feet deserve adventure boots, i thought, pulling the laces taught & slipping flannel over my florals. because if nothing else, it's fun to be someone else for an afternoon.


  1. um you totally nailed it. every outfit you wear looks like it just walked out of a free people catalog. and i die every time.


  2. this look is just fabulous. i am dying over those boots! girl, you can pull of ANYTHING!

  3. Love the boots! You're so good at pulling this off!

  4. There's nothing wrong with being girly - or being a tomboy! I was pretty tom boyish when I was young, but now I am the total opposite!

  5. You are so lovely, and your blog is just beautiful! I love this undone look, your boots look perfect with the maxi! Looking forward to following :)

    Xo, Hannah


  6. Love the pattern clash, you're rocking this!

  7. flannels + florals. i never thought that combo would look so good.

  8. Love those boots!