19 August 2013

garden of the gods, and the thunderstorm that became a flash flood

oh, garden of the gods. what words can even approach your grandeur? they hardly exist in my vocabulary. one might think it a rather imposing natural architecture…& they'd be right -- how the soaring cliffs serrate the sky, the rough crags, that rich, red clay. but there's a sense of optimism there too, in those persistent rocks, in trees that push through, grabbing at the sun.

the plan was drive up pikes peak, but when we saw the nastiest thunderstorm brewing about the summit (and i mean brewing in the halloweenest of ways) we…or, rather, i, decided to jettison our agenda and cut back toward the park. and we barely made it in, what with the torrential rains that made it near impossible to see. we parked, retired the windshield wipers, and were swallowed up by the storm. there was lightning all around, and water tumbling off the sides of the great rocks as we sat in our car, along with the other few cars braving the weather. for a moment, the rain stopped, and we rushed outside to take a few snaps -- personal proof we'd accomplished what we'd come to do...sort of. then we shimmied toward manitou springs to grab an evening cup of coffee before heading back to denver.

that's when the flash flood started. we were heading up the looming hill when an onslaught of police cars and fire trucks roared past us, then the news crew vans. we passed hotel parking lots right off the road that filled with the fastest-moving water, picking up all sorts of debris, and quickly rising up to the tallest parts of the parked cars. we were feeling all afluster as the water started to flood the main street -- but at least we were making our way uphill. only to be stopped a few blocks up by a police officer who forced all of us in our cars to head back downhill…into the flood….? long story short, we made it out, back to the freeway & happily denver-bound. but only after passing by every street we'd just turned onto, now, suddenly, foreboodingly, blocked by battalions of police. scary!

also, look! wearing pants! ^^^


  1. That landscape is just stunning! Also, mega love for you striped top. You just can't beat striped tops, can you? :)


  2. lovely as always!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  3. whoa! so scary!!!
    These photos are beautiful though.

  4. that is so scary!
    also, i find your blog so real and refreshing. every time i catch up i am so happy.

  5. I recently came across your blog and I have to tell you your photos are just stunning.

  6. Wow, that's crazy! Sounds a little nerve wracking, but what an adventure-and such beautfiful pictures as well

    Little Blue Backpack


  8. Glad you are safe my dear ... beautiful photos!

    xoxo, Sara

  9. These photos are just incredible. So glad that you're alright!

    Xo, Hannah


  10. great blog! check out mine sometime :)


  11. Great post!! Wonderful photos!!

  12. i love your writing here, especially the first paragraph.. august storms already make me think of fall and long for the sun to stay...