27 August 2013

of succulents in the summertime

well, it was high time we snuck some greenery onto our windowsill -- there's not a pinch of verdant life to see out those windows, just a pebble-covered half-roof and the backsides of ambiguously allocated office space. we think. are those offices? honestly, we're not sure what's happening in any of the buildings around us. we are, however, near-certain that the single-story parking garage in the alley is now a brewery. so that's exciting! i'll keep you updated. 

anyway, we were ready for some leafy, flourishing things. well, no, actually, i digress. more on the rubbery side than the leafy one. but most definitely green. and then kinsey posted this and it was game over. we were en route to the nursery faster than you can say kale ornamental. say it! kale ornamental! we were on the road. i found my succulent fast and cradled it like the holy grail, and robbie picked up an aloe plant and a tiny cactus, which he named lola. he named my succulent brian. but when i asked him whether brian was spelled with an "i" or with a "y" he spat, "no! it's spelled: b-r-e-i-g-h-a-y-a-n-(t)." and, to my neighbors, that's why i was on the floor laughing while robbie fumbled with the apartment keys. sorry! cookies for recompense? we are the queen & king of compensation cookies over here. 

also, can i just say that i am a cursed person? i have this distinct problem of not being able to source basic items. i'm the type of person who will roll into an office supply store and they'll say to me, "oh…no. sorry. we don't have pens." finding plain, unembellished white t-shirts is the bane of my existence. you know. so, it took us a couple hours and visiting three stores to finally find simple clay pots in which to house our new roommates. and where we finally found them was...a secondhand store? but find them (finally) we did. 

and that is the story of how we finally got plants. 


  1. Succulents are my favourites.
    And I love your whole story. :)

    Charlotte // www.midnightcaramel.com

  2. Pretty sure I've commented this before, but your photo editing is SO GORGEOUS. And I love the story behind these pics :]

  3. love all of this so much bridget :)

  4. I've always wanted to have a little succulent garden in my home! You have inspired me to stop dreaming and go do :)


  5. Beautiful photos! As much as I adore succulents, I've only ever grown one. I might try more because it's one of the few things my cats won't chew on.

  6. This is such a beautiful post!! I was wondering if you use VSCO presets to edit your photos and if so which ones are your favorite ... I love the way you edit your photos!


  7. beautiful photos!


  8. Woo for succulents. You know I should get some because my herbs keep dying... I hope they would survive a little better. Also terracotta pots are just really rare it seems! When we wanted some for the wedding we went all over the place and had to wait ages for some to be stocked. And that was summer. :)