14 August 2013

on journaling

i am not always the best at journaling. let me explain: i am good at remembering to write, and remembering to do it often -- but as far as keeping a straightforward, linear, thoughtful record of my life's happenings? absolutely not. i've made a good faith effort, but it always turns to rambling too quickly -- to lists, and prose poems, and stories. the attempts are useful -- well, insofar as being a jumping-off points to other creative work. so toward that end, i don't think i'll ever really try to remedy the wandering eye of my writing mind. 

but regardless of how it's done -- or rather how it ends up -- i do think journaling is so important. it's one source of creative output that's really just for you. and sometimes we need those just-for-us things in a world that can be so very loud, and busy, and unfiltered. to put one's hand to paper, to see the tangible proof of your being, the magnificence of your imperfect scrawl -- and to know it's for no one else -- there's a bit of magic in that.


  1. This is a lovely post. I am the exact same way- I often try to journal daily but it ends up being a boring habit of sorts and my mind wanders to writing stories or dreams down. I prefer it that way though. I don't like to do anything that turns out to be a chore. There's no fun in that, and I rather experience my creative side.

    Great pictures!
    Simply Akshara

  2. Wise words friend, and an art form that's getting lost in hustle bustle of internet blogging. I just started journaling again, for me alone, and it's been wonderfully enlightening and inspirational for the other parts of my life.

  3. I bought myself a red, leather, handmade in Italy journal and I have just been using it to write down thoughts and emotions lately and I love it. It is great to have a place that is all my own.

  4. I love this and of course that Rifle Paper notebook. I wish I could journal, but whenever I do, it always ends up being some sort of rant about something I was irritated at the time about. LOL then it becomes a "gripe" journal! Ha! I suppose journaling is just not for me!
    xo- Emma

  5. you say it so well every time. i need to become more disciplined in my journaling!

  6. i keep two journals-- one which is more like a prayer journal, more about reacting to daily life, and the other one is a tiny one that i carry with me whereever i go and is full of drawings and lists and scribbles.. i need them both! one helps me concentrate and the other to daydream.

  7. journaling is so important, but not just journaling for others, but for yourself. i loved this post and it inspired me to write more for myself!

    lindsey louise


  8. Journaling is so relaxing for me, and I find it to be almost meditative at times! It's a wonderful way to be open and honest with yourself and release all of your thoughts!

    Xo, Hannah


  9. PS. and my god are mine full of lists!!

  10. love this post so much! this is exactly why i love to journal as well.