30 September 2013

pet names, itsy-bitsy hands, & other things that seem important at 1 a.m.

so, really, i don't know what i was doing when this photo was taken. 
but it really shows off my tiny, creepy hand, doesn't it? 
my hands are totally tiny. and totally, totally creepy. 

& a few field notes from this week: 
// breaking bad is, sadly, over. i'll always remember starting it sophomore year of college, about the same time robbie got bernie the beagle. tis the end of an era. 
// i still haven't regained my writing chops. i have, however, had several sick days in the last week, all of which have been spent on the couch, rewatching season 1 of pretty little liars. i've a new theory, and so this is research. vir: very important research. vir also is latin for man, and, by the way, i got a latin minor in college. i'm obviously a very practical person. 
// my apartment is so now immaculate. except for my closet, which is where most of the mess from the rest of the apartment is now stacked in a pile. 
// i realized i almost never call people (or animals) by their names. i pretty much exclusively refer to everyone as: goose, rabbit, bear, or bugs. or by a combination of those words.


  1. a] i strongly dislike my small hands too
    b] i would love to hear your pll theory!

  2. hope you are restored to full health soon! loving the names you give to people and animals. cute!

  3. I'm so sad breaking bad is over. I think I am in denial! Feel better soon, pretty lady!

  4. you're hands are cute! I on the other hand (hehe) have the biggest hands and longest fingers! I have never meet a lady with longer fingers than mine! And I'm not even that tall at 5"5'!
    I hope you are feeling better!
    Love xx

  5. First about Breaking Bad; I've watched only few episodes .. because just like many other show, I want to see every episode from day 1 to last - complete seasons! If I miss one or two here and there, then I have to ignore the complete show .. until it's available online or DVD and I can watch it all in a row.. :D

    And thank you so much for visiting the other day xx Comments feel especially special when they're from someone whose blog you just LOVE. :)

    Indie by heart

  6. These dungarees are wonderful!
    ( also for me, a tidy space usually means my wardrobe has taken on Narnia proportions I.e. Dumping ground ;))

  7. I have hands that people compare to newborn children....I feel your pain.

  8. ahh hope you're feeling better soon! I know what you mean about Breaking Bad.. definitely mourning its end!

    Hannah xx