05 September 2013

september's seattle & seattle's girl

& a perfunctory seattle starbucks shot. 

so i have this theory that while seattle tends to be lovely (and deliciously foggy & rainy) on the whole, that she's consistently and uncontestedly her very best in september. in my humblest of opinions. 

i awoke this morning to rain drumming against the windows, and i can't tell you how long it's been since i woke up to the sound of rain. which, in college, was almost as quotidian an occurrence as waking up groaning, i need an iv of coffee. almost, i said. because if you think i drink a lot of coffee now… 

anyway, i put in a small effort to looking less ragamuffin-ish today (read: i blow-dried my hair) and it's about 1 o'clock now and my hair is now damp again from a brief walk to get…coffee. gloriously damp! last night, driving on the freeway into the city, i threw my arm out the window and let the 30-degrees-cooler-than-denver air rush against my hand. and i know it's the lowest of lows to drag on about the weather, but i was really starting to feel like someone other than bridget for the last few days in that unrelenting denver heat wave. on tuesday i choked in the finally inning of summer and got my bangs trimmed. and when we finished my stylist said, wow, ok, you didn't look like yourself when you came in here, but now you definitely look like bridget again. and that's how i sort of feel about coming back to seattle, if only for these one-week jaunts. 

in other news: 1. the metal buttons and clasps on my floral overalls set off the alarm at airport security. 2. a few minutes before boarding, a man at the gate across from mine hopped on the phone and screamed (yes, screamed), it's finally happened! zombies have taken over the airline! so there's that. 


  1. Wait, girl, what? You live in Seattle?? I LIVE IN SEATTLE. I smell a coffee date!

  2. Sorry, I'm bad at reading apparently. It appears you were only visiting. Well, visit again, and let me know when that visit happens! :)

  3. Your pictures are so wonderful. Love the stop sign peeking through the bush and the barbecue place (?) behind the branches. So so so amazing.

  4. I love the effect you do on your photos.
    Dying to know what do you use...

    Love your blog.

    I wish someday I'll visit not just Seattle, but a lot of others US cities!

    <3 Evv.

  5. Stop it. I love every single photo. And now my longing to be back in Seattle is even greater than before. Have a coffee for me at least? :)

  6. You are the loveliest human being ever I do believe. Seattle weather sounds ideal. I wanna at least visit someday.

  7. ah, this makes me homesick. i've been in LA for almost 3 months and haven't seen a drop of rain yet. i think i might break into tears when i finally do. luckily, coffee is still quite abundant here.

  8. I was planning on wearing a pair of overalls on an upcoming flight and thought I better google to see if the clasps would set off security and landed here.
    Ultimately whether I wear my overalls or not is behind me, you're blog is wonderful.

  9. my word! your photos! you seriously never seize to amaze me. i would do anything for a little drizzle of rain right now. seattle sounds perfect.

    p.s- guy screaming about zombies?!?! i am dying!!!! hahahaha

  10. Thanks for the tiny parcel of home! People in the bay area just don't understand when I say I need some rain.

  11. I really love your ,,old" photos of your land. I am from Europe and I would like to visit the USA, I hope you are from USA :D Are you living in village or in big town? Thanks.

  12. These pictures are darling. I really hope to visit Seattle sometime in the near future.


  13. These photos are breathtaking!

    xoxo, Sara

  14. These photos are all so incredible. Your photography is a huge inspiration to me!

    Xo, Hannah


  15. lovely photos. you're so lucky you guys have rain. here in LA, it's been a dry heat ); i feel like i could pass out from heat stroke any moment. also, the guy who yelled at the airport... he's awesome haha.

    xoxo, Oleah