02 September 2013

state of this union // in other words, i'm trying to remember to post instagrams

happy labor day to all my friends in the states! to the rest of you: may your monday be less than manic.

& onward ho!

1 // mom's ring from high school. bless her.  2 // flor-veralls. in other words, the lion's share of all upcoming outfit compositions.  3 // writers on writing.  4, 5, 6 // coffee at home, coffee with friends. 7, 8, 9 // adventuring supplies.  10 // 'twas young archibald's second birthday on friday. he celebrated by eating his food too fast and throwing it all up. 11 // a dog that isn't mine. 12 // & two dogs that are.


  1. Nice photos (: I really like drinks in mason jars, I think they're really cute!

  2. You are so so cute. Idk how I can even stand it!!!

  3. Just love a good Instagram roundup. :D Yours are particularly wonderful.

    Kate x


  4. Beautiful ring and LOVE the pups. :)