29 October 2013

a little patch of wood

the sight of a golden wood on a crisp autumn day is my favorite kind of music. when this mustardy patch of woods caught our eye from the freeway the other day, we pulled right off the road to sniff it out. when all you see for weeks on end is brick & concrete, the thought of your feet prodding soft earth is consuming

and as we ambled down the path, a leaf fell & landed at my feet. and i was absurdly happy over it -- it's been too long since i've seen that. i've stepped on my share of fallen leaves, but this was the first one i'd seen tumble all fall. and there's a big, big difference there, friends. and, well, that made me a little sad. because i don't feel quite like me without a healthy patch of trees about. that's what growing up in woodsy virginia & the ever, ever green seattle will do to you. those trees become a part of who you are, involved in your art, enmeshed in the fabric of your soul. i never feel more myself than in a quiet patch of wood, in the middle of the fall. 


  1. Looks so peaceful and nice. And good for you guys for stopping on a whim and checking this place out! Lovely.
    Little Sloth

  2. "I never feel more myself than in a quiet patch of wood, in the middle of fall."

    Your words get me every time..

  3. I love the colours of Autumn, so warm and happy, they make up for the grey skies! Glad you had a good walk through the woods!

  4. I love this and I'm the same way. Really, can I just live in the woods? Cabin, Warms socks, fireplace, cup of coffee, and nothing planned but painting. Ah, what I would do for a day like that.

    I also love how you paired that dress! I have the same one and it is so cute with the ivory under it!

    Xo, Emma

  5. the autumnal scenes suit you so well. you are surely over that writer's block.. those words are pure magic!

  6. what a gorgeous little spot to find.
    and you are gorgeous.

  7. I really don't know what it's like to live Among the trees. I grew up in a desert so I'm used to blank skies, harsh winds, empty space, and dull colors. There can be beauty in the sparseness of it all, but I'd love to experience trees and actual seasons.


  8. Ohh I grew up in concrete and bricks and asphalt and city sounds. But my aunt's place was always the happiest place because she has forest on her property and it's always been my absolute most favourite place to go and be with nature. So I feel ya!


  9. Such stunning photos. I love exploring the woods!

    Xo, Hannah


  10. Beautiful words and photos! I really love reading your posts, they bring me such joy!

  11. There are beautiful things happening in the trees, love ur look being directed there. Great pictures! x

  12. Great outfit and photographs :) I live right next to a small wood/forest which is great! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  13. That looks like a great biking trail!
    It looks so fall-y.
    I love it.

  14. I agree. I walked out of the house yesterday and a huge gust of wind carried a bunch of colorful leaves right off the tress and landed them right in my hair, at my feet, tangled up in my scarf, and it was just a perfect autumn moment.

    Also- you grew up in VA?? I didn't know that!
    Come back and visit ;)