14 October 2013

she who controls the netflix...

in the whole scheme of stuff, there are things more pleasant than waking up sick. but there are few things more wonderful than laying in bed, in a dim, gray light while a thunderstorm roars about. so, taken together, those mornings are good.

october seems to be, perennially, my favorite month. if i had to choose. september and november and december are also nice, and january is the worst. we november babies have those hibernating winter souls, methinks. but this one -- what with robbie & i being horrible trip planners & ending up apart for the entire first half of the month -- has been odd. he flies in tomorrow and it'll take every bone in my body to not immediately whisk him off to the pumpkin patch, and spoon-feed him pumpkin pie until he's sick.  that said, i've yielded omnipotent control of our netflix account this week while he's been in florida. it's a favorable task to be bestowed with. and she who controls the netflix, subsequently controls the netflix suggested queue -- and it is a blessed, dangerous cycle.


  1. I really love that photo. October is my favorite month as well. October and November. They are truly the best. Something about these two months makes me feel so alive, so inspired and so cozy!

  2. I hope you get to spend tons of quality "autumn" time with him! Autumn goes by so quickly that this year I'm determined to stop and make time! And yay for netflix! <3

  3. Hope you feel better, and I love your reference to spoon-feeding Robert pumpkin pie! I think I am going to have to invite myself to go to the pumpkin patch with the grand kiddies:)

  4. Ouu that dangerous netflix suggestions queue. I purposely haven't told anyone else in my household that I have netflix for I know they'll want to borrow it and it will mess with my suggestion queue. It's already happened when I leave my youtube account open and my younger brother browses his video game channels and I end up with all sorts of Battlefield and GTA V video suggestions.


  5. october,november...the winter months are my favourite.xx

    dreaming is believing