12 October 2013

the crunchies have arrived // my clothes theory

i could be off on this, but i'm pretty convinced there's nothing that compares to the first walk of fall. my preferred -- literal -- stomping ground will always be a pile of leaves, freshly felled & crunchy. i like when sweaters & boots are not a choice, but a necessity. and, why, yes, i'm ready for cider! so pour me a glass. or two.

i grew up in northern virginia and my little town, with its colonial structures and fat trees, made for a wonderfully witchy backdrop in the autumn. halloween was a huge affair that seemed to last a week with different fairs and neighborhood fanfare, and the whole town seemed beset by autumn cheer. i think the reason i'm so obsessed with pretty little liars is all the small-towny, eternally autumn american gothic goodness. and that is a mouthful.

also, i rediscovered my all-plaid poncho, which, over the years, has received equal parts compliments & those, "oh…that's an interesting…thing…" comments. which means to me: ding ding ding! it's a winner. 


  1. I love stepping on crunchy leaves too! And your boots are perfect.

    Xo, Hannah


  2. I need some proper photos of this thing!! Haha written the same kind of post this afternoon... I'm so excited for the cold weather, getting to wrap up warm and indulging in hot chocolates several times a day!

    Hannah xx

  3. Your pictures are beautiful, as always!


  4. Beautiful photos. x

  5. Lovely photos, I love Fall and these pictures just make me feel all warm and cozy.

  6. you write in the dreamiest of ways.

  7. love fall! It is absolutely the BEST season.

    xo & happy fall,


  8. love this so much!! bring on all the sweaters and boots!

  9. You are an amazing photographer and editor. And I'm totally jealous of the "witchy" falls you got to have as a kid...I am in love with Virginia, I would love to live there one day.

  10. i totally agree with you about why being obsessed with pretty little liars! i am also obsessed and nostalgic with gilmore girls because i used to watch it growing up and it had that same small town feel that i hope to settle in one day after living in a big city :)