30 November 2013

a skip n whistle christmas

there's a lot of good to be said about skip n' whistle tees. because they are, in fact, the best t-shirts that have ever been made, period. at least in our book.

now, combine the world's softest, comfiest tees…with christmas. with the ugly christmas sweater concept to be exact. and voila! a star was born. or, you know, a really, really great set o' sweatshirts & tees. a sartorial star! i'll have a hard time packing mine away after the holidays…and keeping my paws off robbie's sweatshirt, because when i find things that comfy in his closet…well, they become mine. what's yours is mine, baby, and all that.

psst. you can see the full skip n' whistles christmas collection here. we're boring folk over here, and went the traditional reindeer route (because, deer, duh) -- but they have tees with…unicorns. and cats. it's a real yuletide menagerie over there, and we support it.


  1. Really cute post. What camera did you use?? x


  2. Those are...amazing. I haven't ever hear of skip n' whistle before. Definitely checking them out!

  3. Well I am in LOVE with your man's sweater. I would totally wear it! You both look so cozy and cute.

    Xo, Hannah


  4. I seriously can't get over my love of that tulle skirt. too perfect.