07 November 2013

hi, from my dreams: the perfect stocking

yeah, whatever, it's not the day after thanksgiving…ohh, well. fiddlesticks. 

 anyway. is this not the most perfect stocking arrangement? i think my brain dreamed it up & free people gave birth to it. i'd tie those golden bells to the side of it, and bump them every time i passed. and it would be so, so magical. maybe i'll treat myself this yuletide…or make my own? 


  1. Hey, in Canada it's waaaaay after thanksgiving! :) I've been listening to Christmas music for the past two days!

  2. in defense of decorating for Christmas BEFORE thanksgiving: usually thanksgiving falls earlier in the month and usually leaves a week before December. this time it does not. so it makes it perfectly acceptable to talk about and dream about and decorate with all things Christmas. at least in my opinion.