16 November 2013

but...it's better in a tutu

skirt: vintage. similar. // cardi: anthropologie. // belt: jcrew. similar this year. // flats: target

this week, i am lacking in peace. it's one of those once-i-get-through-this-week-everything-will-be-fine kinda weeks. i know you know. i'm up to my neck, but it's a good lesson in wading, so i'll take it. but, a quick note to the wise: all things that can be made good, are made better still with a tutu on. just sayin'.

also, because i want to stop an incoherent rant before it starts…(heh!)…here are some things i am looking forward to: 
// eating tofurky
// a crazy christmas decorating fete
// finding a small moment for letter writing 
// …and also reading & journaling

the end. have the best saturday! 


  1. Omg LOVE. I really want a tutu!!!


  2. Beautiful. Love the tulle.

  3. this tutu is so lovely! and I'm very excited to eat some tofurky soon too :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  4. best ootd i've ever seen! love it so much!

  5. I swear you must have been born into tutu royalty. I love it! I understand what a hard week looks like, and agree that a tutu makes it better! I wore one to the library today to write research papers. Almost to the holidays, you can do it!

  6. you are positively beautiful and I love everything about your outfit and that tutu. I totally understand those weeks. this week was one of them for me and next week will for sure be one of those. chaotic and lots of anxiety. but this post made me happy and I hope the rest of the month brings you lots of happiness and peace. have a lovely rest of your weekend, bridget.

  7. Beautifully styled, modeled, and photographed!!

  8. If you have to wade, it's best to do it in a tutu. Love this outfit and your positive attitude - please carry on carrying on! Gail x


  9. They also have a similar belt on F21 on super cheap clearance! Love this soft feminine look! <3
    Xo, Emma

  10. You are the most adorable princess in all the land. <3

  11. This outfit is truly stunning! I love how you styled this tutu, so fun!

    Xo, Hannah


  12. I have been planning on making a tutu just like that in a peachy champagne color ever since I saw it at Anthropologie this time last year... You have only fueled my motivation. ;)
    So cute.

    <3 Leney