05 November 2013

layer like a boho queen

every cold season it seems, i get to the point where i feel like i can no longer wear my pretty maxi dresses & other bohemian style duds because i just don't have the right layers. they're too bulky, or too blah, not quite the right shape -- you know how it goes, right? but the trick to bohemian layering is simple: get light, thin layers & pile them on, rather than going for one, heavy piece. bohemianism is all about proportions -- a short dress with tall boots, a maxi skirt with a cropped top. this year, these three are on my short list of layer-able pieces to snatch up. here's some styling ideas for each: 

fur vest: pair with short dresses with long sleeves (like this one), tall boots, layered necklaces.
floral fringe jacket: try this with a long tee, skinny jeans, and short chelsea boots.
slim military coat: wear it with intricate maxi dresses & skirts, & a soft beanie.

where to find 'em: faux fur vest // floral jacket // military coat