05 December 2013

a gold sparkle crown for christmas

this year, i wanted to make some sort of hair accessory to wear on christmas. but something neutral to match any dress, and easy to pack, since we're going home for the holidays. 

enter the easiest crown you'll ever make! (inspired by those angel halos we rocked in christmas plays of old.) i love cheap, easy crafts…but this one takes the cake. it's one material, one motion…and if you play your cards right, less than one dollar.

grab some bendy, gold sparkle garland (available at any craft store). cut several feet for each crown. wrap it around your head to make sure it fits, but leave some space as it will become thicker & tighter as you go. pull the end of your cut material through the circle you made, then wrap it around the outside &  repeat that motion -- so that you're twisting all the material you add around the crown itself.

and voila! the perfect christmas crown.