11 December 2013

a swelling chorus of completely unrelated photos, all in black & white

1 // many of the buildings in our neck of the woods (and in denver in general) are lofts & offices renovated from old warehouses & factories. very often, preserved on the buildings' brick faces are vestiges of the spaces' former lives. if ever you're in denver, walk the streets with your eyes turned upward.
2 // on a fast oh-crap-we-forgot-just-one-ingredient grocery trip to target, robert fell in love with this rough & ragged polar bear figure, and i snuck him into the basket. we don't have much space for holiday decorating around these parts -- and so even this guy has gotten shifted around -- but he'll forever be a yuletide favorite, i think.
3 // while setting the table on thanksgiving…also known as life with a beagle -- and a frenchie who's learned to act like a beagle.
4 // a pine-scented candle to complete the christmas tree sensory experience. for those of us with a fake tree, anyway.
5 // flannels. is it sick of me to admit that i almost can't wait until mine gets a hole, or a button falls off? i sort of just can't wait for the thing to be marked by proof of having been lived in.
6 // a bokeh-ed out christmas tree, in the middle of the night.
7 // walter the bear, who was given to me by robbie back in 2005, when we were in high school. walter's been a fan favorite of the dogs as of late. in fact, as i've been typing, they've been taking turns napping on his generous belly.


  1. Absolutely incredible work. Especially that Christmas tree one OMGGG.

  2. Such lovely photographs! x

  3. Flannels// that's unexpected, usually I like to keep things to look new!
    lovely pups and lovely photos!

  4. the photo of your pups is so cute!

  5. love the black and whites :) lovely!

    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords
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  6. Can you just come photography my entire life forever? You're SO TALENTED.

  7. wonderful! i have really been loving black and white photography lately, and this inspired me to love it more!

  8. ahh your photos always make me feel so festive!

    Hannah xx

  9. I think 5 is my favorite....black and white photos are really something else.

  10. Big fan of the christmas tree shot. Great stuff!