03 February 2014

seattle love

ok so we aren't really sports people by any stretch…but we do love our seattle seahawks. in an attempt to get in cool with the dudes from robbie's class…we started learning about football the last two years, and quickly fell in love with the hawks. anyway, i know a decent amount about the sport now, which will come in handy if i ever have a son who plays football…which is unlikely, but who'da thunk i'd ever know what a safety or a pick 6 was -- but i DO! so all bets are off.

we watched the game in denver, in a room packed with broncos fans so that was intimidating -- but we brought broncos-colored donuts for everyone, and i think that was a good move. twas a good night. we love you & we're proud of you, seattle!


  1. Haha! Congrats on the win, I would not have liked to be in a room full of Broncos fans during that game.

    <3 Daryl

  2. okay. i love your mirror!!
    i have a square one, but have no idea where to put it... it's been laying around for quite some time....

    i was also rooting for seahawks & everyone at the party was rooting for broncos. i love football and it's even more fun to actually play (moreso tackle) than watch.

    1. thanks! you know, we've got mirrors that've been sitting around for ages, too. we're holding onto so many things that hopefully will work better when we have more wall space someday! right now we have such limited white space -- most of our apartment is brick, and a little harder to hang things on (safely, anyway). i bet a great idea will just pop into your head one of these days!